s74100 is a Lisbon-based multidisciplinary graphic design studio driven by experimentalism and visual research founded in 2021 by Pedro Mata and Tiago Biscaia. The practice extends from editorial design, typography, visual identity, and art direction to signage and exhibition.

Pedro Mata (Founder)

Pedro Mata first completed a masters in graphic design at Elisava Design School in Barcelona, did an internship at Studio Dumbar in Rotterdam and worked at Studio Eduardo Aires as Senior Designer. His work has a strong focus in visual identity, art direction and motion design.

Tiago Biscaia (Founder)

Tiago Biscaia worked first as an intern at Sagmeister & Walsh in New York. Then as a designer at Hubert & Fischer in Berlin and last at Bureau Borsche in Munich. He worked with clients such as Nike, Études or The Face and projects such as the Venice Biennale. His work has a strong focus on editorial design, art direction and visual identity.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Visual Identity
Product Development
Editorial Design
Web Development
Digital and Social Media
Moving Image
Motion Design

Jobs and Internships

While we’re not currently reviewing applications, we welcome submissions for future consideration.


Rua Padre Luís Aparicio 11A, 3D
1150-215 Lisbon, Portugal


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